Content Writing: Some Useful Tips for You.

If you have a flair for writing, you can try your hand in writing blogs on what you are passionate about. This may even open up avenues for you to write for “Google” and give you an opportunity to earn some extra bucks. That’s true! Like a giant magnet Google is attracting all and sundry with a web presence to desire for a higher Search Engine Result Page (SERP) ranking and most of the websites thrive on their written content. Google search engine is the Numero Uno choice when it comes for the online visitors to look for information and is the cornerstone for most of the Digital Marketing strategies adopted by business houses. Whether you write for a blog or a business, the focus is on to please Google so that some ranking points come your way. While zooming past my content if you decide to pause and think that it will be nice to start from here, you may keep the following basic tips in mind for a stint in content writing,

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#Content Writing

  1. Write like the way you talk to someone – that plain and simple.
  2. Keep the content unique – do not copy abruptly from other sites. This is what Google’s Matt Cutts, an authority on Google search engine guidelines for webmasters,  suggests the content writers.
  3. Write on fresh, relevant and popular topics – you may closely monitor social media sites for what is trending.
  4. Keep a check on your grammar and spelling mistakes.
  5. And finally, if you are writing for your own blog or a business your focus should be on keywords which Google will love and take note. So keep keywords in mind for Search Engine Optimization(SEO)

You do not need to be a Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Vikram Seth or a Chetan Bhagat to do well in writing. Every one of us has some story to tell and who knows, a well-directed step taken today may give you the highest reward tomorrow – The Satisfaction!

Best of luck…