Search Engine: Breaking News!

Hello and welcome again to my blog. I have decided to post on weekends and do it somewhat regularly. So what am I going to dish out this weekend?

Out of several updates coming in from all directions, be it Blogging, Content Writing, SEO, Social Media and various other interests I pursue, what grabbed my attention this week were two interesting Search Engine News; which I’m sure will be worth to share with you.

search engine duckduckgo

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The first one is a relatively old peculiarly named anonymous search engine Duck Duck Go, started by Gabriel Weinberg in 2008. The search engine shot up in to the popularity chart with reportedly having 1bn unique users in 2013 after former CIA contractor Edward Snowden revealed last year how Google and Microsoft were intruding people’s privacy for collecting their browsing history. For your information, Google’s AdSense algorithm is designed to collect people’s browsing habits and to package this info to corporations for targeting more potential customers. Intrigued by this revelation from Snowden, people were searching for an alternative anonymous browser which would not track their usage data and since then their popularity graph is heading north. Comparing Google’s standing in this domain, a figure of 4m unique searches per day for the Ducks to do in November last year is very impressive, but it is going be far-fetched at this stage to think that they have arrived to unsettle Google in 2014 or so. We will keep a close watch!

search engine binpad

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The second one, BinPad, is not even a new kid on the block. It’s on a formative stage. Coming out from the stable of Xdroid Inc, an IT company focusing on actionable artificial intelligence; they have just announced their arrival and have given you a Trial version. What is so different with this search engine? When you search through any popular search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing, you get a long list of uncategorized results. Like if you are searching to learn the process for making green tea, there you will get long list of result pages and some of these may even take you to sites selling exotic tea leaves, etc.! What’s your search experience then? This one promises to curate the results into categories and present in a hierarchical way. That will make it simple for the people to easily find out the information they are looking for. They are also going to include platforms like news, education, television, editing and tools. The launch date is not announced though; we can use their trial offering. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

Keep fit and have a nice week ahead. See you next week and till then, bye!