Top Free Android Apps for Business Travellers

Hello friends! I am back after a long pause. Actually, it’s been for a few days I am not keeping well and I had to postpone all my plans by a week. Excuse me for that!

If you are a business traveller always on a mission you must know well what it takes to be ahead of your competitors. Backpacking all modern gadgets, you are so much on your toes to reach customers with exciting business proposals that organizing your own life goes for a toss. You do not have time left for yourself. You sacrifice much of your sleep to catch an early morning flight, call a cab, navigate airports, check for hotels and at the same keep tabs on expense reports to file. You want to do some research on your place of visit in advance, look for a few important contacts before you arrive and try to mitigate all sorts of woes that cross your mind to be on safer side. But you cannot spare a slice of time from your busy schedule for all these. You wonder, if there is anything to manage your life in a better way!



Whether you are a business and frequent traveller or you regularly embark on weekend trips,  I have listed some of the free and best Android apps for your benefits. Let’s quickly go through these,

1.     Seatguru:

Up with a notebook, you have not slept last night giving the final touches to your much appreciated presentation! You need a few hours of comfortable journey on your way to the destination.

  • Use This App for: Selecting the best seat on-board your next flight to catch a fast sleep.
  • Bonus: The app gives you options to select seat from where you get access to power outlets (in case you still want to work on your project) or have the best view of in-flight movie.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

2.     TripIt:

You now want a detailed itinerary including all your confirmation and schedule that you can share across several devices. You basically need a PA for doing all these for you.

  • Use This App for: Mapping out your airport experience from security check-in to departure gate. Forward all information about your hotel bookings, flight confirmations and car rentals to this app and the app takes care of the rest.
  • Bonus: Email your travel confirmations to and they are back with a detailed digital itinerary of your bookings and stays.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

3.     Mapmyindia:

You have arrived in a new place as a business traveller and need information on ATM’s, banks, restaurants and emergency services at the first place.

  • Use This App for: Locating services like ATM’s, banks, restaurants, movies, shopping, attractions, hospitals and police stations.
  • Bonus: For restaurants and shopping you can do a category search as per your choice.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

4.     Justdial:

You are in a new place and need a few location based useful contacts for some immediate service.

  • Use This App for: Finding about local businesses, hotels, restaurants, theatres, doctors, lawyers and a lot of other things.
  • Bonus: The hotkey feature gives you to quickly access results by just pressing a button
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

5.     Zomato:

When you are travelling, food becomes one of your major concerns and you start looking for good places where you can enjoy your meals.

  • Use This App for: Thousands of location and cuisine based eat-out options in your place of visit.
  • Bonus: The user ratings and feedbacks give you an opportunity to zero in on your choice easily.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

6.     Foodspotting:

This is another app on the same lines as Zomato, which will come useful while you travel abroad. If you are a foodie and are looking for good restaurants when you are not working, try this killer app.

  • Use This App for: Spotting food outlets which are placed high by user generated recommendations.
  • Bonus: Just select the type of food you like and it throws up all the places in your locality.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

7.     GetTaxi:

You do not know the lingua-franca, but you need to hire a taxi in a new place. Give rest to your arms!

  • Use This App for: Saving you from the distress of getting a taxi in a new foreign land. Using GPS system the service provider will locate you and arrive where you are standing.
  • Bonus: You can make payment from your smartphone and will have all the details of the taxi, so you will never lose anything in a taxi.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

8.     Best Parking:

You are in a new place and you are not sure about the parking.

  • Use This App for: Map-guided parking solution. The app guides you like a search engine for the best and cheapest parking in your area.
  • Bonus: The company promises to give you $5 Starbucks gift card (North America), if you ever land in trouble using this app.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


9.     WiFi Finder:

You cannot afford to lose connectivity with people in your itinerary or office. Worried to remain connected in a new city!

  • Use This App for: Finding WiFi hotspots to use if your cell phone network fails.
  • Bonus: Save WiFi locations in your smartphone for later use.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

10.XE Currency:

You have gone abroad for a business trip and you are confused with the complex currency conversion rates there.

  • Use This App for: Knowing the live currency rates of the country you are currently in.
  • Bonus: This app gives you accurate, minutely detailed currency conversion tables.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


This time you want all loyalty bonus points you have collected on the go to show up in one place.

  • Use This App for: Managing your credit card points, frequent flier miles and hotel loyalty programs from a single hub.
  • Bonus: You do not need internet connection.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


Damn! You have gone for a longer business trip and you are badly missing the life you are used to back at home.

  • Use This App for: Finding out the best hotels to stay, best nearby restaurants to dine, useful stores, banks, ATM’s, theatres, bars or supermarkets in your vicinity.
  • Bonus: It also gives you information on places of interest, in case you have the time to visit!
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


You are now looking for a way to book your flight or railway ticket to come home soon.

  • Use This App for: Booking railway tickets from IRCTC, flight tickets from IndiGo, Jet Airways, GoAir and SpiceJet; even movie tickets from INOX, PVR Cinemas, Fame, Cinemax and more from your smartphone.
  • Bonus: You can send gifts, shop from thousands of outlets and recharge prepaid mobile connections.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


You have stayed longer in a place for your business and now you want to resort to some budget hotel and plan for traveling by train or bus.

  • Use This App for: Pocket-friendly travel options by flights, trains or bus and for cheap hotel stay choices.
  • Bonus: The app allows you to track information on flight status, delays, airport information and contact numbers. You can also have a map-guided road-trip using this app and check your PNR status.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


Just in case you have travelled abroad and have stayed there longer for business assignments. Your pocket has drained out and now you are looking for some cheaper flight options to come back home.

  • Use This App for: Locating thousands of budget flight operations across the world.
  • Bonus: This app gives the cheapest flight information on your smartphone
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free


Luckily you have loaded this one on your device before starting the journey! Now you are wrapping up your trip and want this app to categorically report all your expenses throughout the stay.

Done! This app keeps track of all your expenses on the move.

  • Use This App for: Maintaining records of all your credit and debit card expenses by allowing it to sync the details.
  • Bonus: Generates report easily on expense heads and allows you to email in PDF format.
  • Availability: Android
  • Price: Free

I am signing off today with a note that, Android apps market is a fast growing one. This is my effort to bring out few of the best apps from business and travel categories. I might miss out some more deserving and better ones, but you know, this is a highly competitive place where more than 7,00,000 apps are already vying for your attention! I hope the list provides you some value.


GMail: Now Schedule Emails for Sending Later from Your Account.

Hello and welcome again!

Sending emails now on a scheduled date and time is no longer a distant dream. Most of us have at least one email account for our personal communication and we generally keep multiple accounts for work. Personal or professional, do you not often realize that scheduling an email for sending later or bringing back the email to inbox if not read by the recipient are some features conspicuously missing? But there is one solution available out there in the market which GMail users can rejoice upon. Come, let’s dive in.

boomerang for gmail

Boomerang is a nifty little free add-on software which is available only for GMail on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser platform sits pretty with your GMail and does just what I have said right now and much more. You will just need to install the small tool and in a matter of few seconds you are good to go.

Download Boomerang for GMail and follow these steps,

(Click on images for enlarged view)

boomerang for gmail step 1 and 2

boomerang for gmail step 3


The installation is as simple as that and it’s done.

Now click the Boomerang icon added in your GMail account on top right corner,

boomerang for gmail step 4

Next, selecting any option from 5, 6 or 7 shown below will bring up another window to allow Pop-ups. Do that as indicated. Press ‘Done’ and ‘Refresh’,

boomerang for gmail step 5 6 and 7

boomerang for gmail step 8 9 and 10

One more window pops-up. Pressing ‘Accept’ will allow, ‘’, the publisher of the tool to have access to your mail account along with Google. Read carefully the mandatory declaration that comes up before taking the action and if you decide to go ahead then only click ‘Accept’. It’s  a very common practice anyway.

boomerang for gmail step 11

That’s it and we are ready to use the tool now. Explore the amazing things you can do with the tool and it integrates seamlessly with your GMail.

boomerang for gmail step 12 13 and 14

boomerang for gmail step 15

What you can do:

1)   Schedule emails for sending later

2)   ‘Boomerang’, from which the tool is named, to bring back emails into inbox on a pre-scheduled date or time which was earlier sent to a person

3)   ‘Boomerang’ unread mails of important events or information to reappear on a later date or time instead of keeping track of these with a scheduler, calendar or an organizer.

You can also check an alternative at for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.