GMail: Now Schedule Emails for Sending Later from Your Account.

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Sending emails now on a scheduled date and time is no longer a distant dream. Most of us have at least one email account for our personal communication and we generally keep multiple accounts for work. Personal or professional, do you not often realize that scheduling an email for sending later or bringing back the email to inbox if not read by the recipient are some features conspicuously missing? But there is one solution available out there in the market which GMail users can rejoice upon. Come, let’s dive in.

boomerang for gmail

Boomerang is a nifty little free add-on software which is available only for GMail on Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser platform sits pretty with your GMail and does just what I have said right now and much more. You will just need to install the small tool and in a matter of few seconds you are good to go.

Download Boomerang for GMail and follow these steps,

(Click on images for enlarged view)

boomerang for gmail step 1 and 2

boomerang for gmail step 3


The installation is as simple as that and it’s done.

Now click the Boomerang icon added in your GMail account on top right corner,

boomerang for gmail step 4

Next, selecting any option from 5, 6 or 7 shown below will bring up another window to allow Pop-ups. Do that as indicated. Press ‘Done’ and ‘Refresh’,

boomerang for gmail step 5 6 and 7

boomerang for gmail step 8 9 and 10

One more window pops-up. Pressing ‘Accept’ will allow, ‘’, the publisher of the tool to have access to your mail account along with Google. Read carefully the mandatory declaration that comes up before taking the action and if you decide to go ahead then only click ‘Accept’. It’s  a very common practice anyway.

boomerang for gmail step 11

That’s it and we are ready to use the tool now. Explore the amazing things you can do with the tool and it integrates seamlessly with your GMail.

boomerang for gmail step 12 13 and 14

boomerang for gmail step 15

What you can do:

1)   Schedule emails for sending later

2)   ‘Boomerang’, from which the tool is named, to bring back emails into inbox on a pre-scheduled date or time which was earlier sent to a person

3)   ‘Boomerang’ unread mails of important events or information to reappear on a later date or time instead of keeping track of these with a scheduler, calendar or an organizer.

You can also check an alternative at for Firefox, Chrome and Safari.


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